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Guest Author | January 2 2022

A child educated only at school is an uneducated child.

Education is not just a structured activity connected only to the roof of the buildings called ‘SCHOOL.’ Instead it is a life-long process from the womb till the grave, where a man learns to live through his knowledge gained throughout his life’s journey.

The ‘Great-Reset’ pandemic has taken an inordinate toll on the globe and educational institutions including kindergartens and preschools have closed doors.

Owing to which many parents of preschoolers are in a dilemma to choose the right avenues to keep their kids occupied.

What is the ‘Desperate Necessity’?

This vivid search can meet its end at the revolutionary preschool program at home that is EQ-centric and absolutely device-free, simply named as ‘VAEKKE.’

This parent-child kinesthetic-focused learning methodology is thoughtfully designed by impassioned connoisseurs in early education for more than 25 years of ingenious expertise.

Vaekke strongly believes that every kid on the earth is unique and eccentric. Awakening these little minds can have a spectacular impact on their intellect and their successful career.

This vision to handcraft resolute individuals makes ‘Vaekke’ stand out of the crowd in early years education programs.

Preschool learning “At Home?” How could it work?

Preschool learning in a school makes sense and education in early childhood at home might sound impossible.

Break the myth: The Vaekke resolution breaks this myth of learning at home with its emotionally strengthening educational techniques that nurture optimal brain development and the overall personality of the child.

Learning in their own Fortress with confidence: Learning at home instills enormous self-confidence in children as they enjoy the comfort of learning in their own home without the need of stressing to move on to a different space. It relieves the anxiety and discomfort of learning in a completely strange environment.

Fun and meaningful engagement: The preschool activities at home offer a meaningful learning opportunity with real fun and creativity and above all – it improves the quality of time and bonding between the parent and child.

Understand it right: Preschool learning at home prepares your child mentally to step into the system of education with a better understanding.

Every parent misunderstands learning through ‘Gadgets’ as the recent trend and as a vital part of modern learning.

At-home preschool programs grant your child a friendly platform to start learning the fundamentals of education with high moral values.

Ethical learning: Being in the protective company of parents nurtures the child to adopt the basics like sensorial skills, numerical skills, social skills, creativity, imagination and physical development with ethics and emotional bonding.

Benefits of preschool learning at home:

EYFS has become the talk of the town. It indicates the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ where 92% of the human brain development evolves. What is significant in these years of learning is the right approach to learning.

What goes in EYFS, mainly between 2 to 4.5 years of age, blooms and reveals in the rest of their lives.

Vaekke’s real-world learning strategy in an emotionally connective zone between the parent and the child focuses on blossoming this aspect of the beneficial foundation.

The key benefits of early years learning at home are:

  1. Disease-free learning environment:

Preschool learning program at home is designed to learn from the safety of your home. Preschoolers often struggle with low immunity and are prone to get infected.

Parents of immune-compromised children don’t have to worry about accessing quality education without medical complications.

  1. Excellent time-management skills:

Vaekke’s interactive, emotionally bonding and activity-specific fun learning with parents, help the child learn self-discipline and time management skills at a younger age.

  1. Impressive curriculum:

Vaekke’s device-free preschool program uses an organized Montessori and Froebel methodology, directing the parent and the child to learn in a structured manner.

This enhanced learning material is designed on these curricula. Kids get access to everything instilled in a premium quality preschool education program at home.

What does a Device-Free, EQ Centric Preschool Learning Program at Home like Vaekke has to offer?

  1. Methodical Reading Skills:

‘There is no specific learning time while learning from home is the greatest fascination of preschool at home.

Kids can make connections with objects, words and letters by listening and observing things happening around them. Few common preschool activities to instruct learning are:

  • Recite poems and songs
  • Play phonic sounds
  • Listen to audio stories

Vaekke Recommendations – The carefully crafted daily activity sheet guides parents to take up various reading activities that involve learning letters through tracing and free-hand painting, identifying letters and names, storytelling and listening, making puppets with paper and much more.

  1. Deliberate Writing Skills:

Early writing skills are developed through art and craftwork. From drawing to painting, cutting and pasting – the child builds strength in his/her fingers and gains the power to hold pen/pencil/sketch/crayons. The general ways to improve the writing skills of the child are–

  • Cut different shapes from paper
  • Draw, glue and paint often
  • Write a card to someone

Vaekke Recommendations – Dry-Erase books with pictures with words to trace, free-hand painting, formation of letters with play dough, and enormous fun activities to fine-tune their sensory and motor skills.

  1. Flawless Counting Skills:

Daily preschool activities at home include – working with the calendar, counting objects at home, solving puzzles, and so on. To develop counting skills, the child can work with different objects, shapes and sizes. Common mathematical practices include:

  • Learn numbers
  • Measure and compare objects
  • Identify shapes and patterns
  • Sort different shapes and colors

Vaekke Recommendations – Identifying the shapes and colors from fruits and vegetables, making cookies of varied size and shapes, funneling activity and more.

  1. Commendable Communication Skills:

Children learn cognitive skills and the art of communication at home in the initial stages. Parents are often advised to take turns in talking to the child and improve their social skills. The general activities implemented in teaching basic communication and social skills in children are:

  • Practicing manners while eating and other activities
  • Clean up/organize the room
  • Work with others as a team

Vaekke Recommendations – Parents are instructed to pick fun activities like balloon walking etc, to have fun and learn socializing. The key words expressing manners like sorry, thank you, please etc., are learned by involving kids in a healthy conversation, like ‘the most interesting thing that happened today etc. Engaging kids in cleaning and organizing things etc.,

The ultimate takeaway from this prodigious preschool learning program at home:

Vaekke’s Device-Free, EQ Centric Preschool Learning Program at home grants a shoulder to parents to plant the seeds of quality education in their child’s early years for their eternity.

Energetic experiences and lively exploration prepare the child for deeper wisdom and provide vast opportunities for children to discover a delightful journey of learning.

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