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Steer your child to be a self-thinker

Prof. Soby Sebastian | January 31 2022

With NEP 2020 in place, parents have a new and more responsible role in child development compared to earlier generations. It is not just a statutory requirement; education is fast changing and the importance and the impact of this new educational policy is far reaching on your child’s future development. Its biggest impact is the change in the learning environment and the learning processes. It aims at delivering high quality education that will contribute directly to our nations long term transformation towards an equal and thriving knowledge society, equipping children with 21st century skills. In other words, the new policy enables every student to develop to their maximum potential and helps identifying skills and talents at every level.

The policy envisages development of multi-skilled children with multifarious qualities, not simply writing an examination and winning in it.The emphasis here is on out of the box educational methods, creating in the child a thinking approach from the foundational level of education. The mode of teaching and guidance at home will need to be hence aimed at helping the child with a mode of discovery from now on. Parents/caregivers, therefore, will require to be co-partners in the child’s learning, thereby laying a strong foundation at the pre-school level itself for the child.

Steer your child to be a self-thinker. As clay is moulded to beautiful shapes and sizes by creative artisans, a careful and cautious parent/caregiver can add fillip to the child’s development in life by providing right and timely motivational directions. As anything forcibly thrust upon is mostly rejected by children, it is advisable that you give such directions after creating appropriate moods in your child to welcome your opinion.

A parental initiative and involvement are indeed important and crucial in any child’s growth. Involved parents make a positive and lasting impact. So also, whoever be the care givers. It is known that children who are properly stimulated from birth to age 5, tend to perform better than other children in the long run. Responsive parenting helps a lot in children’s growth. It provides a strong foundation for children to develop optimally. This includes positive affection and high levels of warmth in combination with behaviours that are cognitively responsive to the child’s needs.

Children are indeed every parent’s greatest joy and every country’s greatest resource. Investing in them during their critical early years is one of the gifts parents can give them and one of the smartest moves to make for the future of the World. NEP 2020, with its Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) program is thus paving way for our toddlers and pre-school students to reach their zenith of growth and climb up the ladders in life.

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