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Vaekke's EQ-CentricLearning Program

Vaekke’s EQ-Centric & Parent-Child Learning Program for Enhancing Your Child’s Preschool learning

| February 25 2022

Looking for innovative preschool programs that enhance your child’s development?

Preschool is the place where the child’s schooling starts. The child will learn to be away from his/her parents and start gaining valuable life lessons.

Preschool programs at home play a vital role in the development of the child while building a strong foundation for the rest of their lives. From reading, writing, and speaking to developing a positive attitude, the preschool programs at home will give a good head-start.

Vaekke is a device-free and EQ-centric preschool program for toddlers at home that nurture social and emotional development in the child. With more than a decade of experience in teaching preschoolers, we understand the evolving needs of today’s children. The program is designed in a unique way keeping the ever-changing requirements of today’s children and parents.

Highlights of Vaekke

Here are some of the activities at Vaekke that help the child improve the overall learning and development requirements.

  • Teaching using educational activity boxes that require the child to create new things and find unique ways to solve the challenges
  • Infusing real-world learning activities that includes identifying animals, birds, colours, shapes, and so on
  • Lessons that develop IQ and EQ that help the child manage emotions while reducing behavioral problems
  • DIY kits for the child to unleash their creative skills. The DIYs keep the kids engaged and assist in overall development and growth during early years

Improving the child’s preschool activities at home encourages them to involve in the thinking process required to survive in this competitive world.

Benefits of Vaekke Preschool Program

During the early years, the child continues to develop in many ways including – physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and so on. The Vaekke EQ centric and Device-free program helps the child develop in the below areas –

Physical Development – The program encourages the parents to involve their children in multiple activities at home that contribute to their physical development. Some of the activities that contribute to physical development are – running, jumping, throwing, catching, climbing, etc. Additionally, the children get to explore materials such as puzzles, sand, paints, playdough, etc that help them refine their motor skills.

Emotional Development – The child will be able to recognize and manage their feelings. Vaekke preschool program also develops an emotional bonding between the parent and child. We believe that the child learns to recognize and manage their feelings and behavior.

Social Development – The child learns to build their social skills, language skills, and self-control in many ways. We at Vaekke believe that every child is unique and hence employ a Montessori pattern and real-world methodologies that build the overall personality of the child

Cognitive Development – Young children are curious to explore, ask questions and improve their thinking skills. Our holistic curriculum and structured methodology help in improving their thinking skills. The way of learning plays an important part in developing their thinking skills. We provide interesting material to use and explore that encourages complex thinking, play, and fun.

Language Skills – The preschooler’s speaking and listening skills improve when the child gets an opportunity to listen and speak to others. The child’s language skills are improved by using the child’s interest to introduce new words and detailed sentences. Talking about the story characters, playing rhyming games, reading books, singing songs with fun language are some of the activities that develop language skills in the child.

Academic skills – The child will get to explore math and science concepts they will use in later school. We encourage academic learning by providing the child with easy to access objects at home like – basic shapes, blocks, crayons, pencils, etc.

At home, the child learns by playing and exploring in a safe environment. The bonding of parents with their children helps them to learn problem-solving, thinking, and communication skills. The child learns the best by actively engaging with the environment and trying out different activities at home.

Whether it is listening to sounds, asking questions, experimenting with objects, responding to voices, watching faces, or playing – several activities contribute to the physical and emotional development of the child. If you want to give your child a device-free and EQ-centric learning experience, Vaekke is the best program.

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