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Vaekke’s Device-Free Learning – Raising Your Child’s Talents at Home

| February 23 2022

Are you struggling to find your child’s talent? Are you looking for ways to raise your child’s talent at home?

Raising children is one of the toughest and most fulfilling jobs in the world. Kids start developing their senses as babies. The words and actions of parents help in developing the brain of the child more than anything else.  When the children learn new skills- they develop confidence and self-esteem.  So, raising the child’s talent with the help of a preschool program at home can be an important part of their overall development.

For example – if your child doesn’t know how to arrange plates, he/she might refuse to do it. However, if you teach them how to arrange the plates in the kitchen, they are more likely to do it on their own whenever required. They will also feel a sense of achievement and help you with household chores.

As a parent, you might want to provide the best possible support to develop your child’s talent. Parents must follow a systematic approach to raise their child’s talent at home. Talent is a natural ability and it is important to reinforce determination and hard work to develop a skill.

This is where Vaekke’s Device-Free Learning will help you!

Children don’t usually recognize their talent, although they pursue them. If the child has a particular interest in painting or drawing, it could be a sign that he/she is an artist in making. Talent needs opportunities to develop. Else, it will be suppressed in the early years and take time to develop to its full potential.

Features of Vaekke’s Preschool Program

It is important to provide opportunities for the child at an early age. Vaekke’s device-free preschool program provides an opportunity to broaden and enrich the child’s understanding of the subject.

Some of the key benefits of Vaekke’s device free preschool program include –

  • Works at awakening the little minds
  • Stimulates the ability to think and act
  • Nurtures the development of a child during early years
  • Strengthen the foundation of brain development
  • Develops emotional bonding between parent and child
  • Nourishes fine motor skills, sensory ability, cognitive ability, and math skills
  • Boundless joy and excitement to parent and child
  • Real-life activities to enhance communication skills
  • 4-5 daily activities that are fun, engaging, and interesting
  • Games that build cognitive skills and creative thinking

The best thing about Vaekke’s preschool program is that children and parents can enjoy a 100% EQ-centric and device-free learning experience. We at Vaekke believe that the seeds of talent are usually planted early. If you want to discover and raise your child’s talent – you should encourage them to try multiple activities that excite them.

Unleash your child’s potential with No Rush and No Pressure.   The motive of Vaekke is to help the child learn steps that make the task simpler. We encourage the child to start with the easiest steps and help him/her until the last step. With this approach, the child will develop new skills with ease and he/she will be less likely to be frustrated.

Tips to help the child develop new talent at home

No matter what approach you take, these tips will help you raise the talent of your child –

  • Teach the child some basic skills at home. Make sure the child has the physical ability to handle the new skills.
  • Children can learn better in a focused environment. The more your child is focused, the better he/she will learn.
  • Give your child time enough time to practice the skill, as some skills take a lot of time
  • A positive and constructive approach can help the child develop new talent with ease.
  • Praise the child’s efforts without gloating over their abilities.
  • Expose the child to his/her interest and encourage them to learn about music, sports, art, etc.
  • Enroll them in a special program like Vaekke that encourages developing their talent.
  • Expose them to different activities that interest them

Learning how to improve your child’s talent can take some time. Remember that building a talent can take some time to reveal potential ideas and interests. Vaekke’s preschool program helps your child build resilience and confidence. Many parents found Vaekke’s preschool program rewarding, as it helped them to spend quality time with their children.

Get in touch with us to know more about raising your child’s talent at home!

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