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Early Childhood Education

A Holistic Approach to Early Childhood Education – Understand Vaekke’s Methodologies & Activities

| August 26 2022

Preschool is where all the magic happens. It’s the time in your little one’s life when they develop the skills they need to take on the world. While most preschool programs are losing the plot, fixating just on the academic gains, Vaekke expands the horizons in fun new ways. This real-world activities-based preschool program is designed to bring families closer than ever while nurturing innate interests and an appetite for life and education.

Early Childhood Education

The early years are the most significant years for human growth, development and learning. The all-round capacities that emerge within age 5 are the prerequisites for later success in school and life. Preschool education promotes access to universal, equitable, joyful, inclusive, and contextualized learning opportunities to ensure the holistic development of children.

Learning Approaches Adopted in Vaekke’s Preschool Program

The Learning Approach is the base to support and strengthen a child’s learning and development and Vaekke’s approach is constructed as follows;

  • Parent-Child Kinesthetic Focused
  • Montessori Patterned
  • Froebel Play Way Activities
  • Real-World Methodology

Vaekke’s Methodologies & Practical Approaches and its Importances

Unlike traditional teaching methods, modern teaching methods and practical approaches are more interactive so as to give the child a Real World understanding of how to Apply the learning, thereby creating a Strong Foundation.

Physical Development

  • Improves Fine & Gross Motor skills
  • Improves Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Develops Finger, Hand & Leg Strength and Dexterity

Sensorial Skills

  • Incorporating different colors, textures
  • Identifying different sounds and tones
  • Understanding concepts using their five senses

Speech & Language Skills

  • Improved vocabulary and communication skills
  • To learn and use connecting words
  • To express the emotional words

Numerical Skills

  • Understanding number & value concepts
  • Gains basic Math Skills
  • Knowledge on measurements

Creativity & Imagination Skill

  • Develops imagination skills
  • Ability to visualize, express & create
  • Opportunities to discover new things

Social & Emotional Skills

  • Interacting with surroundings
  • Engaging in a meaningful relationship
  • Controlling emotions & develops a positive self-image

Cognitive Skills

  • Improves problem-solving skills
  • Ability to analyze the challenges
  • Improves decision-making and leadership skills

Vaekke’s Structured Real-World Fun Filled Activities for Kids

A structured parent-child learning schedule helps kids actively engage and discover joyful moments while learning.

  • Ballon Walking – To practice sensorimotor skills
  • Funneling Activities – Enhances fine motor skills
  • Play with Dough – Enhances eye-hand coordination
  • Free-Hand Painting – To improve fine motor skills
  • Connecting Dots & Colors – Engage with the brain and sharpen it
  • Counting Items – To improve mathematical skills
  • Paper Art & Craft – Improves creativity skills
  • Math through Fruits – Improves mathematical skills
  • Alphabet pillow jumping – Increases confidence and self-esteem
  • Making Caterpillars – Promote recognition and pre-reading skills
  • Fun Activities with home Utilities – Enhances motor development skills
  • Cooking Activities – Enhances cognitive development skills

Brings boundless joy and excitement to your kid and you while learning, Join Vaekke Revolution Today!

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