Vaekke is for 2-4 year olds


Vaekke is designed by our expert and experienced team at the St. Mark's Education Group's Centre of Excellence for Teaching and Education (SCETE) and is Parent – Child Kinesthetic focused.

Vaekke is structured as a Daily Activity Program that provides a guide & support for a Parent to address their Child's Early Year Foundation Study needs and consists of the following.

Vaekke Parent App:
Provides the Parent with a Single Window point to parenting needs to address their Child's learning and development.
Vaekke Curriculum:
A Holistic Parent - Child Kinesthetic focused Curriculum that uses a Structured Montessori, Froebel, Real World Methodology.
Vaekke Daily Activity Program:
A comprehensive and structured Daily guide for a Parent to address their Child's development on a day to day basis.
Vaekke Child Progress Feedback:
Routine feedback to a Parent on how a Child is doing their activity based on input from the Parent.
Vaekke Parent Support:
Parent Support Team to address any queries from Parents relating to activities or Child feedback.
Vaekke Guide Photos / Videos:
Daily photos and videos that guide and give a clear understanding for a Parent on how to setup and do the activities with their Children.
Vaekke Goody Box:
A comprehensive set of material and equipment to address activity stationary requirements and is delivered to your doorstep every 3 months.
Vaekke Child Assessments:
Holistic and routine assessments of a Child that gives a Parent a clear understanding of a Child's progress.
Vaekke Completion Certificate:
A Certificate for the number of months that a Child participates and when a Child completes the full program, a Foundation Level course completion certificate will be issued.

Vaekke !

  • We appreciate the activities that we receive. These are very creative and interesting activities. Thank you for putting together these age appropriate activities.

    Niralya is all excited when we start these activities !

  • Thank you so much for your wonderful daily activities for our child. Your efforts to keep the children engaged, worked very well. It is a wonderful experience not only for Dev but for all of us.

    We are having fun too !

  • It has been really good going for us as a family. Hemanth has been eagerly participating & we really appreciate how Vaekke is getting him involved.

    Yesterday he made a Greeting Card for his friend's Birthday, all by himself !

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