Age Group:
What is the appropriate age to enroll for Vaekke ?
Vaekke addresses the Early Year Foundation Learning for children in the age group of 2 to 4 years.
Can a Child above 4 years of age use the Vaekke program ?
Yes, Vaekke is useful for any child at the Kindergarten level especially if they have not gone through a structured Foundation.
Who designs the activities ?
The Vaekke activities are designed by our expert and experienced team at the St. Mark's Education Group.
With over 24 years of running our own Kindergartens & nurturing over a 1000 + students, we bring this experience and understanding to the structure and formation of the program at Vaekke, with a focus on your child's development.
Are the activities Montessori based ?
Yes, the activities are Montessori & Frobel based with a focus on giving your child a Real World learning experience.
Learning Approach:
What is the Learning Approach followed in Vaekke ?
Vaekke follows a mix of Montessori (Sensory Based) & Froebel (Play Way Based) Learning Approaches, with an emphasis on Real World (Authentic & Relevant Learning) application.
Is Vaekke Kinesthetic focused ?
Yes, Vaekke is very much Kinesthetic focused in which learning takes place by the Child carrying out physical activities, rather than listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations.
Program Structure:
How is Vaekke structured ?
Vaekke comes to you as a Daily Activity Sheet with details on activity Objective, Requirements & Process. This Activity Sheet comes with Guide Material, Pictures & Short Videos that guide you & your child to do the activities.
What is the Schedule of Vaekke ?
Vaekke is scheduled as a Daily (Monday to Friday & Excluding Holidays) Activity Sheet, sent the previous day.
Equipment & Stationary:
What equipment/stationary do I need for Vaekke ?
Vaekke focuses on using items that are readily available at your home. The emphasis is to give your child a learning experience where they can relate to in their daily lives & apply the same. In addition, you will require to have stationary items to enable to execute the various activities.
Does Vaekke provide the stationary within the subscription amount ?
Yes, Vaekke provides a Goody Box that provides all the standard stationary needs for the program.
How often will I receive the stationary Goody Box ?
The stationary Goody Box is sent every 3 months to your address via courier.
Parental Involvement:
Is there a need for Parental involvement ?
Yes, there is a need for about 30 minutes of pre-preparation involvement each day. This is required to setup the activities for each day.
What is the type of Parental Involvement ?
Vaekke is a Parent - Child activity program that emphasizes the bonding between Parent and Child. The role of the parent is as a co-participant and not just as an instructor.
Certificate & Recognition:
Will my child receive a certificate for the program ?
Yes, your child will get a certificate for the number of months that they participate. When your child completes the full program, a Foundation Level course completion certificate will be issued.
Can the certificate be used for admissions to a school ?
Yes, this certificate is helpful in demonstrating that your child has developed the Foundation Skills. In addition, when your child completes the full course, you will also receive a Performance Report that will help in admissions.
Trial Period:
Does Vaekke come with a Trial period ?
Yes, the Vaekke EYFS program comes with a trial period of 10 days from the date of paying your subscription.
What happens if my child is unable to engage with the Vaekke program within the Trial period ?
If your child is not engaging with you and the program (which is quite rare!), you can cancel your subscription within the 10 days as per our Cancellation and Refund policy and we will refund the subscription amount after deducting the cost and delivery of the Goody Box.

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