VAEKKE propels natural development of your child within your Family's Environment, using Real World materials available at your home. We focus on the most important element - the "Parent - Child" Emotional Connection and Relationship.

Preschool learning from home

VAEKKE uses a Structured Montessori, Froebel, Real World Methodology.

The Program is Holistic in Construct & addresses the following.

Physical Development:
Fine & Gross Motor, Hand Eye Coordination ability of a child
Sensorial Skills:
The way a child Uses their 5 Senses
Speech & Language Skills:
How a child Communicates and Expresses themselves
Numerical Skills:
The Child's understanding of Number & Value Concepts
Creativity & Imagination:
The Child's ability to Visualize, Express & Create things
Social & Emotional Skills:
The way a Child Interacts with their surroundings
Cognitive Skills:
The ability of a Child to Analyze and Solve Challenges

The Approach is Parent - Child Kinesthetic focused.

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