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Benefits of Vaekke’s Preschool Program

Guest Author | January 5 2022

Are you looking for a real-world & device-free learning experience for your child? Want to propel your child’s development within the comfort of your home? Wondering if it is safe to send my child to preschool in the present scenario? Well, preschool age can be challenging for parents and even family members. Many parents of pre-schooler do not know how to deal with the difficulties experienced in early childhood development.

The experiences that parents provide during the early years of childhood development can have a strong impact on their growth. It is believed that children raised in nurturing environments are more capable to deal with later challenges in their life.

If you are a parent of a pre-schooler wrestling with the above thoughts, this post is for you. In this post, we will help you choose the best learning program for your preschooler at home.

After going through this post, you will learn why Vaekke is good for your child and what benefits you get by enrolling in quality preschool.

Why Vaekke’s preschool program is good for your child?

Choosing to enroll your child in a preschool program is a big decision. Parents often opt for this option due to the long-term benefits of early education. Preschool programs start from as early as 2 years and can give your child the environment to thrive in primary school.

By the time the child reaches kindergarten, he/she need to know a lot more than just ABCs. They need to be comfortable with basic activities, daily schedules, and transition. A gadget-free preschool program imparts education to the child without leaving the comfort of their homes. From improving their physical, mental, communication, and social skills – Vaekke creates a positive learning experience for the child.

Vaekke’s preschool program is designed considering the needs of today’s children and parents. With 25+ years of experience in nurturing 1000+ pre-schoolers, we not only nurture your child towards success in early life but also build a strong parent-child bonding.

Here are the ways in which your child will grow with Vaekke’s preschool program –

Foundation for social and emotional development

Vaekke’s preschool program helps the child develop social and emotional skills that their families value. Some of the activities included in Vaekke’s preschool program are – assembling toys, selecting coins, arranging shapes of objects, identifying colors, and so on. The program offers a variety of games and activities that help the child build necessary academic and social skills.

Learning in a  well-structured setting

Vaekke’s preschool program is an opportunity for the child to learn in a structured and well-designed setting that encourages them to follow the instructions, take turns to do the activity, and share the parent’s attention. We believe that every child should have a group experience before they start going to school.

Academic head start

The most obvious advantage of Vaekke is that it lays the groundwork that your child needs to be successful in school. The program aims to familiarize the child with everything from alphabets (reading and recognizing) to numbers (counting, basic addition & subtraction). When the foundation program is reinforced with what your child is learning with you at home – it helps him/her kick-start the academic life, once he/she starts school.

Build fine motor skills

With ample opportunities to try new things such as – enacting out stories, gardening, assembling puzzles, drawing, painting, threading with beads, etc – the child can improve his/her motor skills. The child will have a clear advantage of exploring the activities offered in a preschool setting. From holding the pencil to improving the balance – Vaekke’s program can help further develop these skills.

Nurture your child’s creativity

Pre-schoolers often have active imaginations that can be nurtured with a well-structured program. Vaekke’s program is set up to encourage exploration that helps the child develop their ideas ad thoughts. The child is more likely to develop curiosity and creativity with the right interaction with their parents in a stimulating environment.

Improve cognitive skills

Children tend to build cognitive skills by taking part in activities that challenge them to solve problems, try new things, ask questions, and even observe their surroundings. Vaekke From stacking & building games to playing with cardboard boxes to a simple jigsaw or memory games – there are several activities that promote preschool cognitive development.

Freedom to experiment

Children often learn new things by exploring and experimenting. The freedom to experiment at home or try new things gives them a chance to expand their curiosity. Free play activities teach your children to learn to solve problems on their own and build up many skills that are beyond your imagination. You can break the monotony of being at home in a protective environment by indulging them in a variety of activities. With Vaekke, your child will be able to break the routine and acquire a whole set of new skills.

These are just a few reasons or benefits of enrolling your child into Vaekke. At Vaekke, we combine all the benefits of preschool activitiesin a single program, so that the child will not miss a single opportunity to explore their curiosity – and at the same time learn in a structured setting.

Bottom Line

Children who attend quality preschools display greater academic skills and self-regulatory behavior than their counterparts. If you want your child to access the best quality childhood education in a gadget-free environment, Vaekke is the best option.

We at Vaekke believe that pre-schooling is not just about teaching your child alphabets and numbers, but an opportunity to help them build important skills like – social, emotional physical, motor, etc. in a structured setting.  We help parents build a close connection with their children and encourage the child to explore their talents, interests, and skills.

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