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Deliver a Real-world Learning Experience for Your Kids with Vaekke

| April 21 2022

Real-world learning for kids is the equivalent of a test drive. You can learn about engines for years, watch other people do it many times over, and memorize as much theory as you can, but until you get behind the wheel, you won’t be able to confidently say that you can drive. It’s the same thing when it comes to learning experiences. Learning becomes way more effective when your toddler can feel, taste, touch, and even smell what she’s learning about through first-hand experiences. It is essential to ensuring a better world understanding, and today we discuss just how you can deliver a real-world learning experience for your kids with Vaekke. 

  • Get the bigger picture by painting together

Vaekke parents receive a daily activity sheet with about 4 to 5 activities, which you can also access via the Vaekke web app for parents. Among the popular items on this list is usually freehand painting, which proves an essential real-world learning opportunity because it: 

  • Helps your child get in touch with elementary colors. They develop a knack for blending colors and grow familiar with color combinations and what they yield. 
  • Develops fine motor skills. Children gain better hand-eye coordination as you keep practicing together
  • Is a highly sensory activity. Almost all your little one’s senses are engaged i.e., sight, touch, smell, and hearing. 

Spice up your painting sessions in a variety of fun ways. For example, adding salt to the paint can create beautiful patterns and cool textures, while teaching your little one about the science and the hygroscopic properties of salt. Painting ice cubes, on the other hand, can be tremendous fun out in the summer sun. 

  • Explore the world through play dough 

There are many ways you can implement real world learning through play dough, and Vaekke offers parents tons of options for this preschool activity at home. You could: 

  • Help your toddler cut out the dough into shapes, alphabets, numbers, or even their names. This will enhance your child’s pattern recognition abilities in the real world
  • Stack play dough towers on a stick to nurture those fine motor skills, which will come in handy as they go through their day-to-day 
  • Build planets and volcanoes to teach your child about geographical concepts and our solar system. It’s never too early to start. 

The only limit is your imagination. Vaekke’s playdough activities encourage creativity, flex hand muscles, and, most importantly, make playtime real-world based and the most fun it can be. 

  • Balloon games to make toddlers sharper

Another highlight of the Vaekke preschool program at home is the balloon walking activities. These help your little one to practice her kicking, catching, and throwing, while the movements captivate her curiosity while subconsciously teaching her how gravity works on different objects. 

You can take it upon yourself to explain why certain objects fall faster through the air and why some balloons rise to the ceiling instead of falling to the ground. As you can see, there are a lot of real-world concepts in action that you can both explore. Besides balloon walking, you could also try making balloon animals (this will help her with her recognition, although you should also schedule some zoo time for good measure so they can see what they’re learning up close.)


  • Math puzzles to help toddlers connect the dots of life

Math is all around us, and Vaekke encourages children and parents to understand the mathematical concepts alive in a typical home and beyond through a series of fun and strategic exercises. Vaekke’s math activities for preschool learning at home mostly teach math through: 

  • Pulses
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits and more

Vaekke’s curriculum helps parents teach math from a very practical point of view, entailing items that your kids probably already interact with every day. It also unveils many sorting games that children are sure to love and learn from.   

Implement real-world preschool learning with Vaekke today

Bring the outside in, add practicality to the far-fetched and give your child a proper real-world foundation with Vaekke’s Montessori preschool, which is packed to the brim with many real-world learning opportunities for toddlers. Vaekke parents get a Goody box containing lesson stationery and this program overall relies on everyday items in your home, making it easy to implement device-free, real-world preschool learning at home. Sign up now to give your child a real-life head start. 

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