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Device-Free Learning for Toddlers: Let Your Child Learn the Heart Way

| March 1 2022

As the Coronavirus swept its way across the world, it disrupted the nature of learning. Governments shut down schools but education had to find a way to go on and in stepped gadget-centric learning methods. However, this form of education ultimately fuels dangerous addictions among kids. 

But as with everything integral in life, education had to find a way to go on and in stepped gadget-centric learning, solutions to swoop in and save the day.

While eLearning has been around for a long time, the pandemic set the stage for the meteoric rise in popularity that we have witnessed today. Remote EdTech platforms have thrived since, but they have opened up a can of worms that parents had already been struggling with way before the pandemic: device addition. 

According to a Common Sense Media Report, over 59% of parents feel that their kids have a device addiction problem. 

While noble in their intentions, eLearning platforms have fanned the flames, continually availing temptation to an overly fragile age group that’s already struggling with self-control. 

So is device-centric learning really the best way to go in light of the alarming rates of device addiction among preschoolers?  

We believe a remote yet device-free learning solution like Vaekke offers a better alternative without any of the risks involved. 


Demerits of Digital Device Usage On Kids

  • Increased screen time and eye problems
  • Playing addictive Mobile Video Games
  • Unregulated usage of social media
  • Emotional detachment with Parents

Children’s Engagement with Various Digital Devices 

0-2 Aged Kids Uses

  • 35% Tablet
  • 49% Mobile
  • 44% Computer
  • 9% Gaming Device

3-4 Aged Kids Uses

  • 64% Tablet
  • 62% Mobile
  • 21% Computer
  • 21% Gaming Device


Digital Device Usage among Kids – What  Do Parents Say?

  • 68% say they get distracted while spending time with kids
  • 88% believe it helps them learn new things
  • 97% of parents say child watches videos on YouTube
  • 75% say the platform exposes their child to different cultures
  • 70% let children use them so that they could do chores 
  • 65% used them to keep their child calm in a public place 
  • 58% used them while running errands
  • 29% used them to put their child to sleep


 Ways to Determine Preschoolers’ Addiction to Gadgets

  • Constantly checking their phones
  • Acting out when you take away their gadgets
  • Failing initiatives to reduce device usage
  • Using gadgets for hours on end
  • Developing unexplained eye strain
  • Heading straight for their phones when back from an outing


How Parents Limit  Device Usage for their kids

  • 86% of parents limited the time of device usage
  • 72% of parents use parental controls to restrict usage
  • 80% of parents take away their kid’s smartphones as punishment
  • 33% of parents track their children’s location


Harmful effects of Gadget on kids

  • Affects their mental health
  • Drop-in Academic Performance
  • Leads to Inappropriate content
  • Sleep Disruption
  • Risk of Tumors


Youtube Usage Statistics

  • Children between age 0-2: 57% & 3 – 4: 81% watch videos
  • 80% of children watch youtube videos
  • Each day, kids watch videos 35 to 19 times
  • 67% of parents say it keeps kids engaged
  • 43% of parents say they learn new things
  • 27% of parents say they expose them to a different culture


What are the benefits of gadget-free education? 

Gadget free education encourages your kid to explore & be themselves. It also offers: 

  • A simple learning environment with everyday home items 
  • Creative thinking that teaches real-world, problem-solving skills
  • Plenty of socialization opportunities to build interpersonal skills
  • Great motivation to learn, thanks to real-world curiosity 
  • Excellent motor and cognitive skills development  


How Beneficial is Parent-Child Learning?

  • Better communication between parents and  kids
  • Emotional availability toward the kid 
  • Parents get direct involvement in learning activities
  • Increases positive parenting practice
  • Improves child’s behavior


What good remote and gadget-free preschool programs are there? 

Vaekke is a proven preschool program you could try. It has successfully helped over 3,000 students in its 25 years of service, and aims to: 

  • Help you build an emotional connection with your child
  • Set up the proper foundation for higher education & emotional intelligence 
  • Tackle gadget addiction with device-free, remote learning  


What features does Vaekke offer preschoolers and parents?  

  • 4-5 fun daily activity recommendations like balloon walking, free-hand painting & more  
  • EQ-centric learning that nurtures your parent-child bond
  • Holistic curriculum focused on Froebel theory, real-world methodology, and Montessori pattern
  • Routine feedback on your child’s progress through fun assessments
  • Guide photos and videos to help you guide your child’s learning
  • A completion certificate that increases chances of admission at good schools
  • Goody box every 3 months containing essential learning stationery


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