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Guest Author | January 1 2022

‘Use it or lose it’ is the principle behind the parent-child bonding in the early years. This acts as the foundation for the future of an emotionally and intellectually strong child.

The most intelligent parent is one who utilizes these early years as an opportunity to fortify the bonding, and mould the persona of their child through an EQ Centric preschool program.

On the other hand, a parent who fails to use these early years in strengthening the emotional bond loses the game in upbringing a virtuous individual.

What does science say about the ‘Parent-Child’ bonding in the early years?

Besides all the expensive gifts that you can give your child, the most priceless gift a child can get is the parent’s love, support and time.

This is not just a blank sentiment but modern science including Epigenetics witnesses the significant impact of love and affection on a baby’s brain more than anything else in the world. Lack of which may result in: 

  1. Impaired social skills:

Certain longitudinal studies have stated that a child’s potential to retain healthy relationships through their entire life may be considerably weakened by an insecure connection with a parent or primary caregiver in their childhood.


  1. Risk of depression and other anxiety disorders:

The most hurting finding in children who suffer from insecure parental bonding reported in the study, “Wounds that time won’t heal” are listed below:

  • Reduced growth in the left hemisphere of the brain, which may raise the risk of depression.
  • Anxiety disorders may occur due to increased sensitivity in the limbic system.
  • Learning and memory impairments may arise due to reduced growth in the hippocampus.

These research findings are extracted from the behaviour of children brought up in the Romanian orphanages.

How can a Parent-Child ‘Preschool Program’ benefit Preschoolers?

Healthcare professionals insist that children, especially in the early years, are in need of very simple things to strengthen the bonding with their parents. This includes hugs, smiles, one-on-one interactions and friendliness.

It is for all these reasons this stage is called the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) – the age between 2.5 to 4 years, where a toddler is qualified for a preschool. Studies indicate that 92% of the human brain attains development during this stage.

Parents generally go in search for a preschool for their little ones in this stage, failing to realize the ‘significance of preschooling them at home.’

The major benefits of a revolutionary preschool program at home are:

  1. Increases the ‘productive’ together time:

Human beings are designed to seek attention in every walks of life and a child is not an exception to this.

Parents might think that they are always with the kid and why can’t they send them to a preschool for a change?

Instead of just being with a child, a parent-child focused preschool program nurtures the ‘Productive’ time together, where the child learns and gains strength simultaneously.

More than the teacher i.e. a stranger, when the parent is involved in touching, speaking, listening and encouraging children have proved effective in augmenting;

  • Communication skills
  • Social abilities
  • Problem-solving potential
  • Emotional strength
  • Group dynamics
  • Intellectual power
  1. Nurtures and strengthens the emotional bonding:

Emotional bonding bridges the gap that children would in turn face in the future.

  • This acts as the anchor for trusting and sharing with the parent confidently without any impediments.
  • The impact of the parent instilled in the early years reflects in the quantum of love, respect and care for the parent in the elderly years.

“Preschool is much more about developing social-emotional skills than it is about developing academic skills,” states Dr. Yares. Apparently a preschool program at home fortifies the emotional bond between the parent and the child to endure through longevity.

  1. Grants enormous confidence to the children:

Children are the purest soul on planet earth. They never hide until the parental reaction to their behaviour hurts or threatens.

When the parent is supportive, friendly and guides the young ones to learn through their mistakes, the child grows as a confident individual.

Learning the foundation of speaking, writing, counting, sharing and exhibiting empathy from a parent can be the most enriching experience for a child to learn unconventionally without the fear of making mistakes.

  1. Enhances the learning ability and socialization skills:

Children who attend a Parent-Child “Preschool Program” have an edge in learning socialization skills over children who enter a high-quality preschool.

Parents can be the best teachers in the world in teaching and instilling the fundamental social skills in children like:

  • Showing respect
  • Sharing
  • Listening
  • Cooperating
  • Making eye contact
  • Smiling back
  • Helping others in need
  • Following directions
  • Respecting space
  • Greeting others
  • Showing a positive attitude
  • Taking responsibility without blaming others

This article might grant you the vivid reasons to choose a Parent-child preschool program for your kids but ‘Who shall guide me in taking up this responsibility?’ is your question at the moment.

Dear Parent of a Preschooler, Vaekke takes pride in being the answer for your question.

It is a holistic preschool program which is parent-child kinesthetic focused and follows a Montessori pattern, Froebel methodology and Real-world learning at home.

Vaekke guides the parent systematically through the daily activity sheet with simple, fun-filled and edifying activities involving the parent and the child to learn the art of learning math, science, language, and cognitive skills at home.

The most inspiring part is that it supports learning through the things we use at home everyday like fruits, vegetables, pulses, funnels, plates, papers and more.

The opportunity of sharing the joy of a preschool program with the parent is an excellent pathway needed for normal human experience. Choose Vaekke to stay ahead with your little one.

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