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Importance of Montessori, Real-World Learning Approaches in Early Childhood Learning

Vaekke EYFS | August 1 2022

The first few years of your child’s life have a huge say on the outcome of the rest of their lives. With the Montessori approach by India’s first EQ-centric, parent-child preschool program, Vaekke, parents can ensure their little ones are off to a flying start. Montessori learning is all about letting children’s interests take the lead while emphasizing the practicality of everyday life. In this infographic, you’ll learn the upsides of Montessori and what skills it nurtures in young minds.


Choosing Montessori learning for your child’s early years has many benefits. Montessori Method encourages empathy, a passion for social justice, and joy in lifelong learning. Let your kid become as confident, enthusiastic, self-directed learners by going with real-world Montessori learning.


Importance & Positive Impacts of Early Childhood Learning 

  • Reduction in need for special education
  • Reduction in behavior problems throughout the school life
  • Improvement in social skills


Ways How Early Childhood Learning Helps Child’s Success

  • 92% brain development within 3 years
  • Enhances emotional stability
  • Improves self-confident level
  • Develops good vocabulary skills


Impacts of Montessori-based Learning on Early Childhood 

  • Intellectual Skills
  • Social Adjustment
  • Improved Social Awareness
  • Improved Teamwork Skills
  • Better Academic Performance


Top Skill Sets a Kid Gains with Montessori Learning on Early Childhood 

  • Socioemotional Development: Emotional Regulation, Socioemotional, Wellbeing and Mental Health
  • Physical Health Development: Safety, Sensory, Growth and Motor Development
  • Cognitive Skill Development: Cognitive Skill, Concept Knowledge, Distinct to Specific Subject
  • General Learning Skills: Self-Regulation, Problem Solving Skills, Initiative and Engagement


Benefits of Imparting Real-World Learning Experience for Kids 

  • Promotes child’s engagement in learning activities
  • Encourages interaction with real-world objects
  • Helps children to understand concepts easily
  • Builds fine motor skills 
  • Improves literacy and numeracy skills
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence


Role of Parents in Making their Kids Learn at Home

  • Creating comfortable learning environments
  • Encourages children with positive attitudes
  • Sharing home utilities to perform activities
  • Good communication to feel them free to learn
  • Helping children to understand concepts


Vaekke’s Preschool Learning Approaches

  • Device Free Learning
  • Kinesthetic Focused Learning 
  • Montessori Patterned Learning
  • Real-World Learning Methodology
  • Froebel Theory-Based Learning
  • EQ-Centric Learning 


What Vaekke Offers For Parents & Students

  • Gadget-free comprehensive daily guide with 4 to 5 activities
  • A goody box with essential stationeries
  • Continuous funfilled assessment to analyze kids
  • Routine feedback on your child’s progress
  • Guide photos and videos to help you guide your child’s learning
  • A completion certificate for kids 

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