November 5 2021

Announcement of Vaekke New Logo & Brand Identity.

Vaekke new Logo

Introducing Vaekke EYFS Pvt. Ltd.’s New Brand Identity.

Vaekke is proud to announce the launch of the new company logo as part of the ongoing evolution of its company’s brand.

Vaekke has evolved and grown over the past year with the support of their Parents and Children, and they felt it was time to reflect who they are today and to symbolise their future.

Vaekke’s new logo reflects a more modern look and captures their mission to deliver Device Free Foundation Education in an EQ Centric Manner with a focus on the most important element – the “Parent-Child” Emotional Connection and Relationship.

The Butterfly symbolises Vaekke’s vision to provide children with a Strong Foundation that allows them to Evolve into their natural Talent and Succeed in School and Life as does a pupa evolve into a beautiful butterfly.

The Heart-Shaped Wings symbolises the Emotional Parent-Child Connect and focuses on Vaekke’s approach to letting Children learn the Heart Way rather than the hard way.

The use of the colour ‘pink’ is to emphasis the focus on EQ Centric and Heart-based learning.

Vaekke is also glad to introduce its focus line “Awakening Little Minds” to create a clear picture of its vision and mission to open up children in the age group of 2 to 4 years, to the joy of learning and discovering their Self Identity and Potential.

With this, Vaekke aim to present themselves in a focused manner and service the parent & children with greater experiences of the joy of learning. If any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Media Contact
Company Name: Vaekke EYFS Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person: Priya Kenneth
Email: Send Email
Phone: 9526126222
Address: No.213, 2nd Floor, Ramanashree Arcade;
No.18, M.G Road
City: Bangalore
State: Karnataka
Country: India


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