March 23 2022

Announcing the Launch of Vaekke’s New Web App!


Vaekke giving preschool parents reasons to smile with the new Web app launch…

Vaekke is taking its commitment to EQ-centric learning a notch higher with the launch of the Vaekke web app for parents.

92% of brain development occurs during those precious preschool years. Yet, for the longest time, preschoolers haven’t always had the best possible foundation, with most preschools often focused on IQ, with very little emphasis on EQ. As a result, kids end up struggling with self-awareness, empathy, social skills and generally find it hard to adapt to the real world.

All that changes with the new Vaekke app, which brings parents the power of EQ-centric preschool learning right into your personal device screens.

Vaekke’s many features are now curated into a web app, which parents can lean on as a guide to steer real-world learning while being an active co-participant. Users can view their profile on the home page and access a list of pending activities and guide pictures with learning items for the day via the palette icon. This shapes the learning schedule, providing a blueprint that makes it easy to manage your schedule. Since users can perform these activities at any time they please, this affords great flexibility for busy parents.

On top of that, you can keep track of previous activities for the preceding 4 days for reference, and have the option to redo those activities you found to be lots of fun. The subscription tab, meanwhile, helps users to stay on top of their subscription status.

In case of any questions or concerns, users can get instant assistance via the support tab, which also features FAQs to address common challenges. To keep up with various Vaekke events and for more detailed support from the Vaekke team, parents can seek direct assistance via the messaging option. Moreover, parents can reach out to Vaekke via the WhatsApp live chat feature.

For any questions, reach out to us on our website

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Company Name: Vaekke EYFS Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person: Priya Kenneth
Phone: 9526126222
Address: No.213, 2nd Floor, Ramanashree Arcade; No.18, M.G Road
City: Bangalore
State: Karnataka
Country: India

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