August 10 2023

Vaekke Receives “Best Device-Free, Parent-Child, Pre-School Program” at Global Business Awards, United Kingdom !

Bangalore, August 10, 2023 – Vaekke EYFS, a pioneering name in early childhood education, has clinched a momentous victory by being awarded the “Best Device-Free, Parent-Child, Pre-School Program – India” at the prestigious 2023 Global Business Awards held in the United Kingdom.

This recognition underscores Vaekke EYFS’s unwavering dedication to nurturing holistic growth and development in young children by fostering meaningful parent-child interactions, all while staying true to the core principle of minimizing dependence on electronic devices at the Early Year Foundation Stage development of Children. The accolade stands as a testament to the program’s innovative approach, which prioritizes immersive and Real-World learning experiences over screen time.

Vaekke EYFS’s exceptional achievement amid a competitive landscape showcases its commitment to shaping the future of early education. By providing a dynamic, device-free, real-world learning environment, the program empowers parents and guardians to actively engage with their children, promoting cognitive, emotional, and social development.

“We are truly honored to receive this award, recognizing our relentless pursuit of excellence in early childhood education. This accolade reaffirms our commitment to equipping young learners with a strong foundation for a lifetime of success,” said Kenneth Mark, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Vaekke EYFS.

To determine the results, the judging panel and research team carefully considered the commitment to customer service, creativity and innovation shown by nominees through the nomination information, voting information and any supporting evidence supplied, along with the results from their own extensive period of fact-checking and research.

As mentioned by the Global Business Awards Team, “Our merit-driven approach has brought us much success and commendation throughout its use and enforces our stance that victors are not determined by popularity of votes, but by their contributions!”

The 2023 Global Business Awards have identified Vaekke EYFS as a trailblazer, setting new benchmarks in the realm of parent-child pre-school programs. As the world embraces digital innovation, Vaekke EYFS stands firm in its mission to provide an authentic and enriching learning journey that transcends screens, leaving an indelible mark on the future of education.

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