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Parent child bonding; no child’s play!

Jose JN | January 21 2022

Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first.– Matthew L. Jacobson

Every child is unique, and so is every parent. Numerous parenting styles are out there, but ultimately what counts is the richness of the parent-child relationship. The stronger and deeper the parent-child bond, the more secure, confident and happy the children grow to be.


For children, LOVE is spelt as T-I-M-E. Spending quality time with our children on a daily basis goes a long way in building their sense of self-esteem and confidence. Whether it is playing together, doing chores together like washing dishes or folding laundry, gardening; any activity both parents and children can engage in, boosts the self-worth and ‘can do’ spirit of children and gives them a sense of being valued.

I’m Sorry, Forgive me

There are no perfect parents. At times we lose our temper, fall into ego traps or mess things up (welcome to the human race!). Once things cool down and we realize our mistake apologizing for it goes a long way in strengthening bonds with our children. Four simple words have a positive effect on molding the character of our children and imbibing in them a humble spirit. What healing can flow when those simple words are uttered, or heard: ‘I’m sorry, forgive me’.

Affirming Our Children

The human brain is not fully formed in the early years of childhood. So anything we tell a child is absorbed like a sponge. For good or bad, the words, sights, sounds and influences we have as children have an effect on us throughout our life. To some extent, we as parents can choose what inputs our children absorb. Positive affirmation at the right time can have positive, life altering consequences. When a child feels affirmed, they grow in confidence and self-worth.

Finding Grace in Mistakes

Like us, children too are bound to make mistakes and do things wrong. Children need to be loved the most when they deserve it the least. Broken glasses or crockery, family photographs with scribbles, walls with their graffiti, screaming and argumentative kids… The challenge for us parents is when ‘not’ to correct.

As parents we can help children learn from mistakes and turn negatives into positives. Graffiti on the living room wall could be a tell-tale sign of a little Picasso. Your argumentative kid, could be telling you he’ll make a great lawyer someday. Who knows, the high octaves of your loud, screaming kid could make a great singer and the broken window from a kicked football could be the beginning signs of a great sportsperson. As parents help your child find grace in their mistakes. Remember, things can be replaced, children cannot.

As parents we love our children and want the best for them. It is every parent’s dream to see their children succeed, prosper and live happy, productive lives. That is the innate bond that exists between parents and their children. Nurturing this bond from the early years of childhood and tending it regularly with love, deepening and strengthening it through the various stages of the child’s growth, is what makes the world a better place.

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