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Best Device-Free, Real World Learning

Guest Author | January 3 2022

Wondering how to do preschooling at home? Looking for ways to keep your child engaged at home without gadgets?

Parenting has never been easy, especially during the times of lockdown and social distancing norms. Pre-schoolers learn all the time, especially when they play.  A play-based preschool activity for kids at home can be fun and educational.

For toddlers, learning is fun, especially when involved in any activity. It improves their creative skills and thinking ability.  Spending special time with children will not only help you build your relationship and but is good for your child’s development and wellbeing.

Many parents at home with toddlers and pre-schoolers are looking for ways to keep them occupied while helping them in their physical and mental development.

Importance of gadget-free learning

Teaching kids at home is pretty challenging but has its benefits. As a parent, you must have a precise plan on how to prepare your child to understand the new learning method. Parents can devise innovative ways to develop a learning habit and improve formative skills.

Kids have a big imagination and the skills learned from interaction with technology add value to their imagination. However, it is advised to keep the child away from technology and gadgets during their crucial years of physical and mental development.

The first 5 years of life are the most intensive for a child to acquire language and communication skills. The skills develop best in the world with consistent exposure, sights, and sounds of others.

According to experts, children who spend their childhood in front of screens are more likely to have sleep problems, hyperactivity, language delay, and other issues.

During childhood, the child should be provided with adequate language and creative nutrition like – talking, reading books, playing, singing, etc. This is crucial for emotional, physical, and communication development.

It is important to use different resources within your child’s reach to pique curiosity. Parents should involve their child in learning activities at home, art & craft, board games, etc.

Gadget-Free learning activities for preschoolers

Children learn from the moment they start interacting with the environment. Gadget-free and real-life learning activities have a strong impact on their brain development. There are several activities to do at home that can engage the child in a better way.

The learning experience in early childhood plays an important role in conceptual as well as language development. Most children feel safe and secure in their home environment, which parents can utilize to develop strong emotional feelings. Let’s take a look at the activities you can try at home with your child for an enhanced learning experience –

– Teaching numbers and quantities using labels on cans

– Teach patterns using kitchen objects like – fork, spoon, plate, bowl, etc

– Use the child’s senses to discover the way food feels, smells, tastes and looks

– Make shapes, numbers, alphabets, etc using clay dough

– Reading a storybook loudly and playing the characters in it

– Work with the child to count cloths, identify colors, shapes, sizes, etc

– Read books based on different themes like – jungle, ocean, park, school, etc

– Besides, there are several activities to try with your child at home. It is important to create a fun and memorable experience for the child using the right resources.

And this is where Vaekke comes into play.    

Vaekke is an EQ Centric, Parent-Child, Gadget-Free Pre-school program for young children at home that propels the physical and emotional development of your child within the comfort of your home.

Why choose Vaekke? 

Vaekke offers the Best Device-Free, Parent-Child, Real World Learning Experience for Kids to Do at Home. The program focuses on stimulating the thinking ability of pre-schoolers and nurturing their physical and mental development.  This is very much in line with the New Education Policy announced in 2020..

At Vaekke, we believe that every child is different and has enormous potential to do something innovative and unique. We aim to strengthen the foundation of a child in the early years, where 90% of the brain development takes place.

With more than 25 years of experience in enlightening young minds, we have adopted a holistic curriculum focused on real-world methodology and the Montessori pattern. Vaekke is a well-structured device-free learning program that strengthens the emotional bonding between the child and the parent – while developing the personality of the child through gadget-free learning.

How does it work?

Vaekke is a pre-school gadget-free program that guides the parents through a comprehensive guide that improves the bonding between the parent and the child.

The curriculum of Vaekke helps the child to improve critical thinking, reasoning skills, logical thinking, and more. Our program encourages you to give your child age-appropriate toys and activities.

Additionally, the daily activity sheet on the Vaekke Parent app includes multiple activities for the child to do along with his/her parents. The daily photos and videos on the app will give the parents a clear understanding of how to set up and do the activities with their children.

Some of the activities in the Vaekke app are – play dough activities, math through veggies and fruits, free-hand painting, balloon walking, etc. All these activities improve language ability, creative, motor, and cognitive skills.

Vaekke app also provides routine feedback on how the child is performing based on the inputs from the parent.

Bottom Line

With smartphones training our lives, many parents consider the internet as a source of learning for their children. However, it has been noticed that young children who use the internet excessively had problems of depression and anxiety in the long run. That’s why young children must spend their time away from gadgets and technology.

The journey of parenting is unique and challenging. Parents learn new things about their children only when they start spending quality time with them.

Vaekke’s Device-Free, Parent-Child, Real World Learning program is the best gift for your child. It helps your child actively engage in a wide range of development activities while enjoying a gadget-free childhood.

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