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Vaekke: Creating a Solid Early Year Foundation Stage for Kids with Real-World Learning Activities

| August 19 2022

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is one of the most important periods of your child’s life. It prepares your little one for education, but beyond that, it also has a huge say on how they approach other aspects of life as well. A solid EYFS needs to incorporate a few vital aspects, one of which is preparing children by imparting real-world learning skills that they will need in their day to day. At Vaekke, our preschool program at home is meant to ensure just that, allowing parents to guide their children toward literacy, numeracy, social and emotional intelligence skills. Here’s how India’s first device free learning program makes this happen.

1. Vaekke spurs physical development through play

When it comes to giving your child a proper EYFS bedrock, a couple of areas of development come into concern. One of them is physical development. This entails activities that build your child’s spatial awareness and fine motor skills, and generally give them the ability to physically thrive in our world.

Our Vaekke, parent-child preschool program achieves this through a variety of fun and strategic activities that enhance the physical development of your child. They include:

  • Play dough activities: This help gives your little more strength in the arms, as they flatten, roll, and squish the dough. Later on, this dexterity will help hold scissors, pencils, and other items with ease.
  • Balloon walking: With our balloon walking exercises, children get to play out in the sun, accessing vital exercise and vitamins to help them develop strong bones and stay on their feet for longer.

And these are just but a few ways our early year foundation stage program gives your child the many physical abilities they need to hack it in the world.

2. Building emotional intelligence through parent-child learning

Children who spend time with their parents turn out better for it. In this world where quality time with your family is sacrificed at the expense of busy work and school schedules, Vaekke affords parents opportunities to spend more time with their children.

Our EQ-centric, preschool program brings the parent into the equation, as you serve as a guide for your child to learn through the strategic activities you’ll receive from our daily activity sheets. As a result, parents get to:

  • Build a physical and emotional connection daily, feeding this bond with face-to-face interactions that brings you and your little one closer than ever before.
  • The chance to reinforce positive behaviors. As you take control of your child’s learning, you can guide them toward more positive behaviors you’d like to see in them.
  • Play and laugh together with their children, with both important triggers for better emotional health, not just for your child but for you as well.

Vaekke gives parents complete control over their child’s learning, allowing you to mold real-world learning skills in your little one as you see fit.

3. Vaekke builds literacy and numeracy skills in many fun ways

As a society, literacy, and numeracy skills are at the heart of how everything functions. For children to fit right in, the real world learning activities they take part in must be geared towards improving these two aspects.

Vaekke provides many numeracy and literacy-building opportunities parents can use to guide their children, a few of which include:

  • Learning math through everyday items that children can touch and feel, such as pulses, vegetables, and fruits. This interactive approach to learning builds hand-eye coordination while giving your children the analytic skills to count, add, subtract, and more.
  • A ton of reading opportunities for children, as they learn the Alphabet song, and other basic literacy skills that will improve their reading and writing proficiencies. Moreover, parents get the chance to ensure their kids develop crucial communication skills for the real world.
  • Funneling activities that build the logical understanding behind tiny spaces and water flow. These exercises are great as well for building problem-solving skills while keeping your toddler absorbed for longer

The best part about it is that children learn literacy and numeracy skills in a play-based, Froebel system that doesn’t even feel like school, which makes your little one even more eager to learn.

4. Children learn to be expressive and creative with Vaekke

Creative play is the cornerstone of our device free learning program. Vaekke encourages this through artistic exercises that encompass free-hand painting, drawing, and much more.

With children getting to use their hands and imagination to work on projects and explore color combinations, and whatnot, they grasp problem-solving abilities that particularly drive them toward creating their own solutions and thinking out of the box.

Moreover, fingerpainting can be exciting for you and your little one, packing many other vital real-world benefits such as:

  • Improving the understanding of how colors work and what their combinations of them do
  • Allowing your child the ability to express their feelings and thoughts beyond words
  • Multi-sensory development as these activities appeal to their senses of smell, touch, and audition (sense of hearing)
  • Developing an appreciation for hard work as children learn the value of the process in between the end goal
  • Painting with your child, and taking turns to help also encourages social skills while developing language ability and communication.

Expressive and imaginative play allows children to gradually build up self-reliance, with this independence setting them up for success in life and school.

Do it the Vaekke way!

With over 25 years of kindergarten experience, our breakthrough device free preschool program is grounded upon tried-and-tested approaches to education that have seen us nudge over 3,000 young learners to brighter futures. Your child’s EYFS stage is where all the magic happens, and you cannot afford to set foot during this pivotal stage of their lives. If you feel in over your head or require a proven structure to walk you through this delicate stage, let our Vaekke program lend you a hand. We make real-world learning for kids fun and effective through an all-rounded curriculum made complete with a mix of Froebel theory, Montessori, and real-world strategies. Become a Vaekke parent today. Give us a call to start.

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