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Vaekke’s EQ-Centric Learning Program

Guest Author | January 4 2022

Are you looking for the best learning experience for your toddlers? Want to help your child develop empathy and self-awareness?

It is often said that “Home is the first school and parents are the first teachers”. The environment of the family plays a crucial role in the growth and development of the child. There are several factors that play an important role in early childhood development. Some of the essential life skills to help your child succeed in their life are – focus and self-control, communication, critical thinking, and engaged learning.

Today, parents are facing multiple challenges with learning programs that are increasingly shaped by technology. It is believed that children with high emotional intelligence are better able to pay attention, and are more engaged in various activities. Your child needs your help to open up his creative skills and ideas, which can be possible with an EQ-centric learning approach.

If you want your child to be a stellar student, you shouldn’t encourage him to learn at home from early childhood.

What is an EQ-Centric Learning Approach?

EQ-Centric learning approach can be defined as a path that helps the child to improve physical and mental skills with the support of emotional intelligence. EQ-Centric approach motivates the child to take learning into their own hands. It is thought to be an easier transition over traditional teaching methods, where the child learns from the comfort of his/her home in a structured program.

In traditional preschool programs, the child is allowed to learn at their speed with the teacher’s role in their learning journey. On the contrary, Vaekke’s preschool program offers a unique learning experience that encourages them to learn at home under the supervision of their parents.

Why choose Vaekke’s EQ-Learning program?

When it comes to developing skills in pre-schoolers, the biggest mistake parents make is limiting their learning to classrooms. Children with basic aptitude become good learners, as the classroom is the primary source of intellectual, social, and academic growth.

If you want to enhance your child’s ability to learn, an EQ-centric approach is the best option. It not only motivates your child to learn but teaches a lot of things that are not taught in traditional classrooms.

Vaekke’s EQ-Centric Learning Program is meant to provide engaging learning pathways for pre-schoolers at home while maintaining a focus on academic growth. We prepare the child for every changing future by providing a breadth of offering across physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development. Along with these skills, we help your child commit to achieving the very best he/she can do.

Here is how Vaekke’s EQ-Centric Learning Program Encourages Your Child to Learn at Home –

Focus on child’s interest

Vaekke’s preschool learning program is designed in such a way that it engages the child in areas and subjects of interest. When the children learn in an EQ-centric environment, they will get an opportunity to explore topics and subjects that fascinate them. For example- if your child likes stars & planets, you can encourage him/her to read engaging books on stars and planets. Challenge him/her to identify his favorite planets and explain why choose them.

Make learning fun

Vaekke’s preschool program makes learning fun by providing deeper learning and the development of non-cognitive skills. By engaging the child in game-based activities, their mind experiences the pleasure of learning. Whether the game is a serious or fun-based one, it provided the added benefit of motivating the child to engage in a unique learning process and learn more.


Our program is a great way for parents to introduce new ideas, knowledge, and concepts that motivate the child to learn at home. Instead of knowing how the child is performing, parents must focus on what the child is learning.  Our material that encourages open-ended play will help you develop your child’s problem-solving skills and creative expression. In short, Vaekke’s EQ-Centric Learning Program provides lots of structured play-time that inspires the child to keep learning.

Focus on multiple areas of development

The very core of the EQ-centric approach is to help the child achieve holistic development. Our preschool program engages the child in an active learning process. From improving the cognitive abilities to social and intellectual skills, the process helps the child develop skills and knowledge in all areas. EQ-centric learning will contain creative, exploratory, and fun activities to do at home that stimulate early brain development.

Bottom Line

Preschool programs at home are a valuable way to increase parent-child engagement through fun and engaging activities. While there are many challenges in implementing preschool learning at home, these can be easily met and overcome.

With the Vaekke EQ-Centric program, preschoolers can learn at home with minimal materials and supplies. From some math and reading to lots of play-based educational activities – we made it easy for parents to give their preschools a great learning experience at home.

There are several reusable independent activities at home that are structured around your child’s interests. The preschool activities are designed to be executed at home by the parents. Additionally, each week will feature new activities for pre-schoolers that require no preparation.

Your time with your child is crucial in building a solid platform from which your child can take on any challenge that comes in their way.

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