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Easy Ways to Teach Your Kids at home with Vaekke’s Device-Free Learning Program

| August 22 2022

Preschool doesn’t have to be complicated. You can teach your child the skills you want to see in them with a modern, first-of-its-kind, EQ-driven program for preschool learning at home. It’s easy to follow with daily video and photo guides to show you the ropes so you need not have any experience. But above all, it’s effectively good and ensures that your little one has fun, with a curriculum that’s heavily practical and caters to their interests. Give your child a solid early year foundation stage with Vaekke, our EQ-centric device free learning program at home. Here’s how you can use Vaekke to teach your kid:

1. Start by establishing a routine. Vaekke has you covered here

A routine is great to ensure you and your little one make the most of your day and squeeze as much value as you can out of it. Otherwise, you can lose time fast to unimportant activities.

Ultimately, you don’t want to stuff the day with constant lessons. Rather, prioritize short bursts of learning, preferably no longer than 20 minutes each, with lots of breaks in between. This way, your preschooler can:

  • Stay hooked to the activity for longer
  • Feel more refreshed and energized to learn new concepts
  • Not get bored of activities fast

With our Vaekke curriculum, you can implement your routine via the daily activity guide you receive via the parent portal. Every day, we’ll send you a list of 4-5 activities ranging from balloon walking to math exercises. You’ll use these to populate and fill out a flexible routine to guide learning through the day.

2. Rely on Vaekke to find inspiration for learning from everyday situations

When it comes to life skills, there are many teachable moments in life that you can use to educate your little one. Our host of device free learning activities have you covered here still, ensuring you can tap into real-world methodologies to give your child the skills to succeed.

For one, as a Vaekke parent, you can teach through balloon play. This builds gross motor skills but can also nurture resilience for learning and overcoming setbacks, e.g. when the balloon pops and they have to start anew. Overall, balloon play can:

  • Build your child’s emotional development
  • Teach your little one ways to cope with anxiety or stress
  • Teach your child how to pick themselves up and keep going despite hardships

Vaekke’s real-world and hands on-learning extracts teachings from everyday items and situations that children can relate to and thus understand better. When you sign up, you receive a goody box with all the real-world equipment you’ll need to teach your child.

3. Playing Vaekke math games for immersive, real-world fun

Games are fun, encourage collaborative thinking/group dynamics, and inculcate logical reasoning. Vaekke has countless opportunities for you and your loved one to let your hair down, share laughs and build early math skills while you’re at.

For instance, Vaekke’s daily activity sheet encompasses a range of math challenges via:

  • Pulses
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits

You can spice up these activities into fun games to build analytical skills that will set them up to power through formal math concepts. One way to do this is by separating fruits or vegetables into groups, then asking your child to point to the bigger or smaller group to win.

Once their numeracy skills pick up, you can elevate the challenge higher to name the number of items in each group. Moreover, Vaekke math exercises via fruits and vegetables are a great way to teach about area and volume via everyday items your little one can touch, smell, and even taste.

4. Leverage repetition and Vaekke’s support to reinforce concepts

Repetition is key to progress in a Montessori education system such as that on which Vaekke is based. Children master patterns, shapes, colors, and skills better if they hear or practice them enough times. And Vaekke’s daily curriculum gives a ton of ways to reinforce concepts but still keep learning fresh and new.

For example, let’s consider the case of the math skills we mentioned. While the underlying concepts of addition, subtraction, etc may be the same, Vaekke’s multi-dimensional approach through pulses and other changing objects keeps things exciting.

Aside from concept attainment, repetition also benefits your child holistically by:

  • Ensuring emotional comfort
  • Improving language acquisition
  • Boosting confidence

With Vaekke, learners get the chance to perform device free learning programs, again, and again…and again without losing excitement, which also increases the speed of their thought process when you introduce new concepts.

5. Tap into playdough power with Vaekke

Make device-free learning at home versatile with one of the most beloved childhood items throughout history. When it comes to play dough, what your child can learn from this seemingly simple material has no limits.

For one, you can use playdough to teach English by encouraging your little one to form letters of the alphabet with playdough pieces. Then you can discuss what sounds different letters make, which will be a fun and memorable way to teach your child phonics.

You can use playdough to improve comprehension as well. For instance, read a story or passage to your loved one and urge them to recreate what they’ve learned from the story using playdough. That could be either molding characters, items, or scenes you’ve read to them before. This will improve their recollection ability and trigger their creativity.

For more fun ways to squeeze learning opportunities from playdough, our Vaekke support team is always on hand to offer suggestions.

Start your free Vaekke trial today

If you’d prefer a device free learning approach to preschool that addresses all the dynamics of proper early childhood development, Vaekke is where you need to be. Spend time bonding with your child, and sculpting the person you want them to be, nurturing important skills to ensure your kid has the future you’ve always envisioned for them. Sign up today to become a Vaekke parent and usher your child onto a world of possibilities, where they can achieve all their dreams. Hurry now to get your free trial in honor of our 25th anniversary before the offer expires.

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