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Make learning Fun with Real-World Learning Activities at Home

| July 22 2022

When learning is fun, children have no qualms getting started and going the distance with preschool learning at home. If anything, they’ll look forward to it and your toddler may be the one initiating the lessons if they particularly enjoy what you have planned. Aside from learning being fun, parents also need to prioritize real-world learning so that children can gain important skills as well, that they need to succeed in society. If you have trouble trying to merge the best of both worlds, rest easy with our amazing recommendations of strategic real-world learning activities at home that will get the best out of your little one.

Tap into playful math games

Math makes the world go round. It’s the beating heart of everything we do, right from finishing basic chores to managing personal economics better. While math is essential, it may not always provide the most excitement for kids. But our preschool program at home can churn up ideas that fuse math with everyday games that kids tend to enjoy, teaching kids math through pulses, vegetables, fruits, and much more with our real-world learning activities at home.
Overall some play math games worth your toddler’s while include:

  • Counting items on everyday objects: For instance, anything as simple as encouraging your child to count the number of buttons on their shirt is a good start.
  • Measuring levels as you cook: Let your child help count spoons of sugars or fill cups to the required levels
  • Compare feet sizes: Pit your hands or feet against each and ask your child to point to the longer one.

All these simple activities will go a long way in fostering your little one’s ability to differentiate lengths, sizes, and weights.

Freehand painting for multi-sensory growth

Painting is one of the purest forms of expression, and the freedom to create does get any better than freehand painting exercises. Nothing beats the feeling of touching paint with your bare hands to create little works of art when you’re that age.

Our Vaekke has tons of free-hand painting activities that appeal to your child’s various senses including touch, smell, sight, and sound. Throw away the paint brushes and get down & dirty with the following ideas:

  • Hand-painted Christmas cards: A simple hand print to create snowmen and white dots of snow can get your toddler into the Christmas spirit
  • Paint the wall: Do you have a wall you use for art? If not, you can get a simple board
  • Make caterpillars: Show your toddler to use their fingertips to create a sequence of dots to form a caterpillar or train

Like bison upon a plain, freehand painting allows your little one’s imagination and creativity to run wild. It mustn’t be confined to pre-selected activities like the ones above. Be sure to also let your child “wing it” and see where it goes.

Prioritize fun literacy activities

We’re not just talking about teaching your bundle of joy how to read. That’s barely scratching the surface. Fun literacy activities entail as well composition, & writing skills and generally teaching your toddler to understand what and how it is being said, important facets of emotional intelligence in the real world.

There’s no shortage of fun EQ-centric real-world learning activities at home, so if you’re short on ideas, our program is the way to go. Plus, we’ll throw in a goodie box full of all the items you’ll read to implement your learning so you can hit the ground running.

From a holistic perspective, here are some ideas for fun literacy real-world learning activities at home for toddlers that your little one is sure to love and benefit from:

  • Kick the letter cup game: Have a bunch of cups labeled with different letters spread apart in front of you. Have your toddler hit one cup at a go with a soft ball, then let them tell you what letter they hit.
  • Alphabet pillow jumping: Do your kiddos seem powered by endless batteries? The alphabet pillow jump is awesome. Assemble a line of pillows with letter imprints on top. Your child will have to tell you the name of each other as he or she jumps from one to the other.

Chores have much to teach

Chores are not just for getting things done that you need to tick off your checklist for the day. They also present many fun opportunities to teach your preschooler a thing or two in the real world, and here are a few examples to show you how

  • Putting the dishes away: Once your cutlery is nice and clean, give your child the noble task of sorting them into their proper places. E.g. putting plates among plates, and doing the same for forks, spoons, and whatnot. This simple activity can cultivate sorting and classification skills.
  • Kids dressing themselves: Give your toddler a pile of clothes and let her find her way around combinations for socks, shirts, shoes, etc. Visual aids may be initially necessary though, this remains a great way to start nurturing those fine motor skills
  • Grocery shopping with children: The next time you go grocery shopping, bring your little one along, and ask her to fetch the times you want from the shelf herself. If she doesn’t quite know the item you’d like her to get, describe it using colors and shapes and see if she can match your description to the right items.

In a nutshell, all these activities have one thing in common: your child gets to play with “real items.” They help build real-world skills and confidence as well as self-esteem. Our Vaekke program has several ideas for preschool activities at home with similar concepts, stimulating your little one’s development with everyday materials they encounter.

Vaekke makes real-world learning more fun than ever!

Cemented in Froebel and Montessori learning techniques, our program for real world learning for kids awakens little minds like never before. It is India’s first and only EQ-centric, gadget-free, parent-child EYFS program designed to set up your child for success both in the classroom and in the real world. Curated from over 2 decades of experience, having helped 3000+ children to a brighter future, Vaekke is the perfect preschool solution for your family and is packed with many fun, real world learning activities. But don’t let us just tell you about it. Set up a demonstration to learn what Vaekke is all about, firsthand.

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