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Make Your Kid’s EYFS Stronger by Utilizing a Device-Free & EQ-Centric Program

Vaekke EYFS | April 20 2022

The Early Year Foundation Stage, usually between 2 and 4 years old, makes up the most formative years of your toddler’s life. How you set them up at this stage will stick with them for the rest of their lives, which makes it extremely important to give your child a strong early year education so they’re off to a flying start. Vaekke is a device-free learning program that has helped put more than 3,000 kids, and counting, on the path to success, and here’s how it can build up a solid foundation for your little one. 

Stamping out social impairment with device-free learning

While digital technology has its advantages, sometimes the risks far outweigh the benefits. Exposing kids to gadgets comes with many perils, some of which encompass:  

  • Children can lapse into a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle
  • Kids may become socially disconnected and suffer real-world interaction anxieties
  • 28% increased risk of kids developing Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). This is according to a Seattle children’s hospital study 
  • Children may drift away from reality over time, leading to depression and other mental issues.

Many dangers lurk behind digital technology. Vaekke’s device free learning program helps parents avoid these risks while encouraging exploration of the world through a highly hands-on approach. 

Via a web app, Vaekke parents receive 4-5 activities for the day, including pictures and short videos on how to perform them with their toddlers. Parents then replicate the activities at home while children don’t get exposed to digital technology, thus keeping them firmly connected to the real world. With enough practice, Vaekke children become comfortable initiating new relationships and navigating social interactions in real life. 

Vaekke’s EQ-centric approach to preschool learning

Beyond being device-free, this early childhood education program is heavily focused on emotional intelligence. While the majority of other preschool programs are fixated on IQ, Vaekke combines the best of EQ and IQ learning to mold the complete, society-ready toddler. 

You can nurture your child’s EQ on Vaekke in many ways, some of which entail: 

  • Expressive painting: Vaekke’s painting activities offer a therapeutic experience that parents can use to grow their child’s EQ. Inquiring about why your child chose to use certain colors, and how they’re feeling after the task is a great way to peer into their minds. 
  • Math for EQ-guided decision making. Vaekke helps parents teach math to their kids in a variety of fun ways at an early age. This combination of math and EQ learning hardwires intelligent decision-making in children. 
  • Balloon exercises to manage feelings better. Balloon breathing exercises allow children to regulate their emotions better, while Vaekke’s balloon walking exercises build risk-taking and resilience
  • Playdough fun to shape the mind. The multi-sensory playdough activities parents get via Vaekke are soothing for toddlers, build their attention spans, help children develop bonds when playing together, and encourage kids to talk about ideas. 

Empathy in children is a reflection of what they see around them. Kids are like little sponges, taking in information from the vast sea of experiences around them. A kinesthetic and EQ-focused early childhood education curriculum like Vaekke is essential to fueling these young minds the right way. 

Vaekke’s completion certificate builds self-esteem

Upon completing the program, Vaekke learners are rewarded with its early childhood education certificate, which is an important springboard in their EQ journey as it: 

  • Inspires motivation and hard work. Vaekke’s recognition of learners’ efforts makes them look forward to future education with a smile and nurtures the spirit to go that extra mile. 
  • Enhances self-esteem. Children who complete Vaekke’s preschool program grow more confident in their abilities and feel happier starting school. 

But that’s not all the Vaekke certificate can do for you. Coupled with performance reports, Vaekke’s full course certificate can open doors, increasing the chances of admission to the school of your toddler’s dreams.

Lay a robust foundation that stands the test of time

Train up a child in the way they should go; so when they are older, they will not depart from it. Vaekke is one of the best early childhood education programs worldwide, rising to the top of the worldwide Education space as the pioneering device-free and EQ-centric preschool learning. Bring up your child the right way with Vaekke. Become a Vaekke parent today.

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