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Most Crucial Early Five Years & Importance of Parent’s Involvement in Child’s Development

| September 21 2022

A lot happens during your child’s first five years of development. At this stage, her brain develops the fastest it ever will in her life, while she gains the base of experiences that will permeate into her later years. Her senses, the connections she builds in her brain, and the foundation for the relationships in life all can be made or broken during this delicate stage. It’s therefore crucial that parents be there for their children to guide early year development in a way only they can. Here’s why parental contribution is severely critical at this stage. 

Parents can chip in by connecting at a time of tremendous brain growth

Just stop to think about this astounding fact for a minute. A 2-year-old child’s brain is roughly twice the volume it was when she was 1. By the time she hits age 5, her brain is 90% developed, creating almost 1 million neurons per second!

But for that to happen, parents need to chip in a little more into their child’s development. Connecting with your child isn’t rocket science. Even just simple copycat games can have important outcomes for your little one.  For instance, these games: 

  • Build your child’s ability to follow instructions
  • Provide a social and physical compass. As they see you navigate the physical and social world, they take a page out of your book on how to do it
  • Kick start early childhood learning and basic skills necessary to thrive in school and life

Talking and playing builds future and families 

How does your brand new little ball of energy learn to do the things you can? Well, from you, of course! You can build strong connections with your love by talking and playing with her, in the following ways:

  • Playing peek-a-boo with your little one can build memory and trust
  • Regularly talking with your toddler gives her the social skills she needs to make friends, or even, much, much later, thrive in school and career

Playing and talking with your baby, also gives her a better understanding of how family works. Knowledge she could borrow a leaf from if she perhaps wishes to start a family of her own someday. 

It’s just as important to spare a thought for what happens when your little one doesn’t receive adequate attention from you. Chances are they’ll not be in the best frame of mind. They might develop a poor understanding of other people, while synaptic pathways may also underdevelop. So try as much as you can to set aside some time to talk, play, and connect with your little one. 

 A healthy home is a catalyst for development

A healthy home is key to the healthy development of your little one. When her abode feels safe, secure, and peaceful, it’s not just her mind that prospers but her physical health too. A healthy home gives children more self-assurance in their abilities and enables families to create stronger bonds with their children. 

Here’s how parents can ensure a healthier home for: 

  • Avoid lashing out or showing stress at home
  • Be sensitive, warm, and receptive to your child’s ideas no matter how far fetched

The community should also chip in

Heard the saying that it takes a village to raise a child? Just as important as parent child learning, is community involvement. 

Your community includes the extensions of your family beyond the primary mom and dad unit, as well as those who live around you. That community could also be on a far-away playground at school. Either way, they also have a part to play in the physical, intellectual, and emotional growth of your child. 

Community involvement can create a sense of belonging for your little one, sharpen their abilities to build relationships, and improve their self-esteem. 

It’s more than just a game!

What might seem like a simple game, might just be a turning point in your child’s future.  A simple game of peek-a-boo might just change their world. So remember to connect with your precious one early and often, because many facets of their lives depend on it. From their social and emotional well-being to logical skills and cognitive ability, a lot is hanging in the balance. To help you get through those vital first five years just right, consider giving your child a proper early childhood education at home. Visit the Vaekke website to learn how to do just that.

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